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March Madness Office Pools

When it comes to Office Pool fanatics, no time of the year is more exciting than March Madness. Most people think that the typical March Madness Bracket Pool is the only office pool to run during the tournament. We're here to show you otherwise. However, since it is the most popular, we will start with it.

March Madness Bracket Pool

We have the Printable March Madness Bracket and our Fillable March Madness Bracket, which allows you to customize your bracket before printing. The typical March Madness Bracket pool has participants trying to correctly pick the outcome of the bracket. Each round has a point value assigned to it and each game picked correctly in that round is awarded the assigned point value. The participant with the highest point total at the end of the tournament wins. Please scroll down the page for a complete list of March Madness Office Pools.

March Madness Block Pool

The March Madness Block Pool is one of my favorites, if you like the Super Bowl Squares you'll love this one. This is a 100 Square grid where instead of the numbers representing the score at the end of each quarter they represent the score at the end of every game of the NCAA Tournament, which gives 63 possible chances to win! The grid is set up so that the numbers change for every round of the tournament. View this Office Pool

March Madness Square Grid

This is the same concept as the March Madness Block pool, except the numbers are constant for the entire tournament. After drawing your numbers, checkout our Best NCAA Square Numbers to view your odds of winning. View this Office Pool

March Madness Survivor Pool

The March Madness Survivor Pool is similar to the NFL Survivor Pool. Members of this pool will try to correctly pick a winning team for each of the 10 days of the tournament. If at any point the team they pick loses they are eliminated from the pool. View this Office Pool

March Madness Props Pool

The March Madness Props Pool came to mind after we created the Super Bowl Props Pool. We have compiled a list of 20 questions, like "How many number 1 seeds will reach the Final Four" or "Will any seed lower than 6 make it to the Elite 8". The person with the most correct answers wins. View this Office Pool

March Madness Sweet 16 Pool

We have created a unique pool to use for the Sweet 16 portion of the NCAA Tournament. Each particpant is assigned a team via a blind draw and the point spread is used to determing if the participant/team moves on. View this Office Pool

March Madness Draft Pool

The March Madness Draft Pool is a variation of the normal March Madness Bracket. Participants take turns drafting teams in the tournament, trying to draft the teams that will advance the furthest in the tournament. View this Office Pool

March Madness Confidence Pool

The March Madness Confidence Pool is another variation of the normal March Madness Bracket. Participants will rank the teams from 1 to 68 with team 68 being the team they think will win the tournament. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner. View this Office Pool

March Madness Blind Draw Pool

This is similar to the Draft Pool, but you will take all 64 teams, write the team names on a piece of paper and place them in a hat. Participants will take turns drawing names out of the hat. The teams you draw are assigned to you for the entire tournament. The teams will accumulate points based on the number of wins and in which round the game was won. The participant with the most points wins. View this Office Pool

March Madness Assassin Pool

To run a March Madness Assassin Pool, simply divide the teams up amongst the participants using a random drawing method. Any time a lower seed beats a higher seed, the pool participant that had the lower seed will now get all points that were previously accumulated by the higher seed. Remember an 8 seed is lower than a 1 seed. View this Office Pool

March Madness Auction Pool

Randomly draw the teams out of a hat and have the participants of the pool bid on each team. Each winning team is paid a percentage of the total prize pool, with the payouts being weighted heavier for teams that advance farther in the tournament. View this Office Pool

March Madness Pay Per Seed Pool

Place all 64 teams in a hat, each seed is assigned a dollar amount, have each participant randomly draw a team name, putting the corresponding "price per seed" into the pot. View this Office Pool