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College Football

Bowl Game Schedule

We also have the full schedule with the College Football Bowl Game Odds/Lines listed and don't forget to check out our
Printable College Football Playoff Bracket.

The schedule below is in Eastern Time, we also have this available with Central Times - Mountain Times - Pacific Times.

Printable College Football Bowl Schedule Pick'em

How to run a College Football Bowl Pick 'em Pool?
This pool is the same as an Weekly Pick 'em Pool, simply print a copy of the schedule from above and pass it out to all potential participants. Have each participant circle the team they think will win each bowl game. Collect all completed sheets before the first bowl game. A point is awarded for each game that is picked correctly. After all of the games are complete simply add up the total number of points for each participant, highest total wins. The tie-breaker for this can be total points scored in the National Championship game. We also have the College Football Playoff Bracket available.