Poster Size Tournament Brackets
& Football Grids is proud to offer you our custom tournament brackets in large format prints. Printed in high resolution, on high quality heavyweight stock paper, these large format 24" x 32" brackets allow for the participants of your event to have an up close view of the tournament as it progresses. Not sure on the number of participants coming to the tournament? We allow you to mix and match the brackets and still receive the bulk discounted pricing! The brackets are available in both single elimination and double elimination formats. The brackets can be used for any sport or game of your choice. Due to the large number of brackets available on our home page, we are unable to stock all items. The brackets we stock are located on the right side of your screen. Listed below are the different types of prints we have available, click the corresponding link to view all of the prints available under each category.

Large Tournament Brackets

Large Tournament Brackets

Choose from any of our 18 different tournament brackets. Available in both single and double elimination. The brackets are printed on high quality, heavyweight paper!

Square Grid Scratch-Offs

Square Grid Scratch Off Cards

Try our unique 100 Square Grid Scratch-Off Sheets. Once all 100 squares are full simply scratch off the covering to reveal the random numbers that will be used to represent each team's score.

Poster Size Football Squares

Football Squares

Our uniquely designed, 24" x 32" high resolution Square Grid Office Pool is perfect for the Super bowl or any other game of the season! Available in 100, 50, and 25 square versions.


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