32 Team Double Elimination - 48 " x 32"

The sample bracket in the photo is low resolution, the actual printed bracket is high resolution with crisp black lines.

The 32 team bracket consists of 2 separate, large 24" x 32" prints!
One print for the Winner's Bracket and one for the Loser's Bracket!

32 Team Double
Pack of 1 - $4.99
Pack of 2 - $8.97
Pack of 3 - $12.97
Pack of 4 - $14.97
Pack of 5 - $16.97
Pack of 10 - $29.97

Product Details:

  • 32 Team Double Elimination
  • 24" x 32" Winner's Bracket
  • 24" x 32" Loser's Bracket
  • High Quality - High Resolution

This is a 32 team double elimination blind draw tournament bracket that can be used for any sport or game. The bracket is numbered to show you the order in which the games are to be played.

The bracket is printed on high quality, heavyweight paper!

For orders of more than 10 please contact us for a quote!


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