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Blind Draw Tournament Brackets

What is a Blind Draw Tournament?
At the bottom of this page you will find a list of printable Blind Draw tournament brackets that we have available. There are basically two ways to run single and double elimination tournaments, one is "Blind Draw" the other is "Seeded". A Blind Draw Tournament is usually ran during events such as Darts, Cornhole, and Billiards. A Blind Draw tournament is organized in a way that the players are not ranked based on previous results or experience. The match-ups are based solely on the luck of the draw. These tournaments can be either single elimination or double elimination. For more details check out How To Run a Single Elimination Tournament or How To Run a Double Elimination Tournament.

How do I run a Blind Draw Tournament?

The tournament usually begins by having a certain amount of players register for the tournament. Once the number of players or teams has been determined you will need to print the corresponding tournament bracket from below. Now you are ready to draw for the positions. The drawing can be done in various ways, we first recomment using our Tournament Matchup Randomizer for this. You can also use the "Hat Drawing" method. Place the name of each player or team in a hat, and begin drawing the names one at a time. The first name drawn will go on the first blank line in the tournament bracket, the second name drawn will go on the second blank line. Continue this until all of the names have been drawn, and all of the blank lines have been filled. Those are the basics for starting a Blind Draw tournament, visit the "How To Run A Tournament" links above for complete details on running an entire tournament.


When the number of teams in a tournament is not a "Power of 2" teams must receive "byes" in the first round . We have created an article to explain How Byes Work in a Tournament.

What is the difference between "Blind Draw" and "Seeded"?

Unlike Blind Draw Tournaments, Seeded Tournaments are set up so that the results of a season or league, and even experience or skill level determines which teams would play against each other in the tournament. The number one ranked team plays the lowest ranked seed, the number two ranked team plays the second lowest ranked seed and so on.

The Brackets

There are two sample images below, the one on the left shows an example of our free printable blind draw brackets and the one on the right shows an example of our large 24" x 32" brackets available for purchase.

Single Elimination Blind Draw
Tournament Brackets

3 Teams 4 Teams 5 Teams 6 Teams 7 Teams 8 Teams
9 Teams 10 Teams 11 Teams 12 Teams 13 Teams 14 Teams
15 Teams 16 Teams 17 Teams 18 Teams 19 Teams 20 Teams
21 Teams 22 Teams 23 Teams 24 Teams 25 Teams 26 Teams
27 Teams 28 Teams 29 Teams 30 Teams 31 Teams 32 Teams
33 Teams 34 Teams 35 Teams 36 Teams 37 Teams 38 Teams
39 Teams 40 Teams 41 Teams 42 Teams 43 Teams 44 Teams
45 Teams 46 Teams 47 Teams 48 Teams 49 Teams 50 Teams
51 Teams 52 Teams 53 Teams 54 Teams 55 Teams 56 Teams
57 Teams 58 Teams 59 Teams 60 Teams 61 Teams 62 Teams
63 Teams 64 Teams 65 Teams 66 Teams 67 Teams 68 Teams
69 Teams 70 Teams 71 Teams 72 Teams 73 Teams 74 Teams
75 Teams 76 Teams 77 Teams 78 Teams 79 Teams 80 Teams
81 Teams 82 Teams 83 Teams 84 Teams 85 Teams 86 Teams
87 Teams 88 Teams 89 Teams 90 Teams 91 Teams 92 Teams
93 Teams 94 Teams 95 Teams 96 Teams 97 Teams 98 Teams
99 Teams 100 Teams 101 Teams 102 Teams 103 Teams 104 Teams
105 Teams 106 Teams 107 Teams 108 Teams 109 Teams 110 Teams
111 Teams 112 Teams 113 Teams 114 Teams 115 Teams 116 Teams
117 Teams 118 Teams 119 Teams 120 Teams 121 Teams 122 Teams
123 Teams 124 Teams 125 Teams 126 Teams 127 Teams 128 Teams

Double Elimination Blind Draw
Tournament Brackets