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20 Team Blind Draw

Double Elimination Tournament Bracket

Below you will find 2 different versions of our 20 Team Double Elimination Bracket. The first file has the entire bracket on one page. The second bracket has the winner's bracket and loser's bracket on separate pages. If you click "Edit Title" you will be able to edit the heading before printing. If you want to type in team names check out our Fillable 20 Team Double Elimination Bracket.

These are available as .pdf files, if you experience any issues when editing or printing, simply verify you are using the latest version of Adobe Reader.

20 Team Double Elimination Tournament Bracket

Printable 20 Team Double Elimination Bracket
20 Team Double Elimination Losers Bracket

Watermarks on the Printable Versions will not appear when the bracket is printed.

The bracket is in .PDF format which requires Adobe Reader to view and print, if you do not have the latest version of this installed on your computer you can Download Adobe Reader Free..

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