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Fantasy Football Tools and FAQ's

We created this page to bring all of our Fantasy Football information to one location. Below you will find some of the fantasy tools that we have created, some fantasy football printables, along with some articles that answer some commonly asked fantasy league questions.

Printable Fantasy Football Draft Cheatsheets

Our cheatsheets rank each player to help assist you during your draft. We have sheets for each position and also a top 200 list. Check out the Fantasy Football Draft Cheatsheets !

Fantasy Football Draft Board Generator

This is a cool little tool we created to generate a free printable draft board. You can customize your board by selecting the number of teams, the color, and also the title/header of your board. This will create a .pdf file that can be printed on either a standard sheet of paper or taken to a local print shop and enlarged to the size of your choice! Check out the Fantasy Football Draft Board Generator!

Fantasy Football Draft Board

We have created a sleak, ready to use, Printable Fantasy Football Draft Boards. The boards go up to 20 rounds and has room for up to 16 teams. Check out the Printable Fantasy Football Draft Board, also available as Excel Spreadsheet Templates.

Fantasy Football Draft Order Randomizer

This is another simple to use tool that we created, simply select the number of teams in the draft, then enter the names of the participants and we will automatically randomize the draft order! Check out the Fantasy Football Draft Order Randomizer!

Printable Fantasy Football League Schedules

We have created league schedule templates for 5 to 15 teams! This will schedule your league match-ups, so that each team plays every other team in the proper rotation. Check out our Printable Fantasy Football League Schedules!

Fantasy Football Roster Sheet

A quick little printable to allow you to write down your picks by position on the day of the draft. Check out the Fantasy Football Roster Sheet!

Fantasy Football Playoff Brackets

We have created unique Printable Fantasy Football Playoff Brackets, to help track your league playoffs.

4 Team Fantasy Football Playoff Bracket

5 Team Fantasy Football Playoff Bracket

6 Team Fantasy Football Playoff Bracket

7 Team Fantasy Football Playoff Bracket

8 Team Fantasy Football Playoff Bracket

Fantasy Football Payout Structures

Deciding how much to pay the champs of your league and how many places to pay can be a daunting task. Our Fantasy Football Payout Structures article will help guide you in the right direction.

Printable Fantasy Football Award Certificates

We have designed a Fantasy Football League Champion Award and a Fantasy Football Last Place Award for the commish to print and pass out at the end of the season.

Point Scoring Systems

It's important, before the draft begins, to know and understand the point scoring system your league will be using. We have created a page dedicated to Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structures. This will explain how the point scoring works and how they can vary from one site to the next. We have also created individual pages that list the scoring systems used by the major fantasy sites.

ESPN Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

YAHOO Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

FOX Sports Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

Fun Bonus Payouts

Spice your league up by adding additional payouts for certain scenarios that happen throughout the season. Check out our List of Fantasy Football Bonus Payouts!

Prize Ideas

One of the best things about Fantasy Football is the prizes given to the winners and losers of the league. We are not referring to cash here, but instead trophies, rings, championship belts ect.. Check out our complete list of Fantasy Football Prize Ideas!

Printable List of NFL Team Bye Weeks

It's imperative that you know when your players and defense will have their bye week. You obviously don't want one of your starters to be sitting out, and scoring 0 points for the week. Here is a free printable List of NFL Team Bye Weeks.

Snake Draft

We have created a page to explain How a Snake Drafts Work, and to also give some insight on the advantages and disadvantages of using the Snake Draft format. We have also created Snake Draft Charts to show the proper rotation and team picking positions for various leagues.

6 Team Snake Draft Order

8 Team Snake Draft Order

10 Team Snake Draft Order

12 Team Snake Draft Order

14 Team Snake Draft Order

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