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Fantasy Football Snake Draft

What is a Snake Draft?

A snake draft simply means that after each round, the drafting order reverses. So, let's say you have a 10 team league. The first round would go 1 through 10, the second round would start with team 10 and go in reverse down to team 1. The 3rd round would begin with team 1. This rotation continues until all roster spots are filled. We have created draft charts that show the proper rotation, along with the draft pickss that each team has for the entire draft.

6 Team Snake Draft Order

8 Team Snake Draft Order

10 Team Snake Draft Order

12 Team Snake Draft Order

14 Team Snake Draft Order

Advantage of a Snake Draft

In a typical draft the overall #1 drafting team would have the first pick in every round, a snake draft allows for a more balanced draft. Team 1 will get to choose the best player in the draft, which is unfortunate for the last picking team, but the snake draft helps even things out by giving the last drafting team back to back picks.

Disadvantage of a Snake Draft

I'm not sure you can call this a disadvantage, but a lot of leagues use the Auction Draft format, which is a little more advanced. This takes away the luck of which draft position you are given in the snake draft. With the auction draft, if you want a player you can get him, you'll have to pay for him of course. Some folks say the snake draft benefits the newbie/less informed fantasy teams, but we'll let you be the judge of that.