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Fantasy Football Bonus Payouts

Along with the normal Fantasy Football Payout Structure, some commissioners choose to add bonus payouts for various scenarios throughout the season. Listed below are some options to spice up your league!

High Score: Regular Season Point Total

The first bonus option is to make a payout to the team that has accumulated the most points during the season.

High Score: Each Week

Another option is to make smaller payouts to the team with the highest point total each week.

Longest QB, RB, WR Touchdown

Another popular bonus payout is for the team who has the QB/RB/WR pass for/score the longest touchdown during the season.

Pity Payout 1

A pity payout can be given to the team who has the most points scored against them for one week or for all weeks combined.

Pity Payout 2

Another pity payout can be given to the team that finishes last in the league.

Survivor Bonus

One of my favorite bonus payouts is the Survivor Bonus. The team with the lowest point total each week is eliminated, the last team standing wins. If you have more teams than regular season weeks, just make a cutoff week.

Largest Margin of Victory

The team that wins by the largest point margin during any game of the season wins the bonus payout here.

Streak Bonus

The team that has the most consecutive wins throughout the season!


Instead of paying a weekly high score, you can pay "Skins", which is a bonus to a team that scores 10 more points than any other team that week. If no team accomplishes this during any given week, the pot rolls over to the next week. Once the 10 points is covered, the payout resets the following week.

Highest Scoring Non-Playoff Team

As a consolation prize, you can give a payout to the team has the highest point total, but didn't make the playoffs.

Top scoring Bench Week

The team that had the most points scored by players on the bench during any week of the season gets this bonus.