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Best time for Fantasy Football Draft

A common question asked during mid to late summer is.......When is the best week to do our Fantasy Football Draft? While, there can obviously be differences in opinion here, we have shared our thoughts on this matter below.

Before/During Preseason

There are quite a few commissioners who prefer to hold their draft either before preseason even begins or sometime during the first couple of weeks of preseason. Some of the arguments for doing it this early are: Injuries are just as likely to happen during the preseason as they are in weeks 1, 2 or even week 13. It rewards the person who does their homework in the off-season, before all the Player Rankings are updated. It can also be a convenience to draft during the preseason, as you can reschedule the date if needed.

After Preseason

We feel the draft should be scheduled a day or two after the final preseason game. There will typically be 6 days from the final preseason game, until the first game of the season. The main reason for waiting is, by this point we know which players are injured, suspended, or heck...... even arrested. We also know of any sleepers that exploded during preseason, and all of the final Player Rankings have been released. Recently there has been a push for a Fantasy Football National Draft Day, which is the last Sunday in August.