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Fantasy Football National Draft Day

What is Fantasy Football National Draft Day?

With the ever growing popularity of Fantasy Football, it was only appropriate to set up an unofficial National Holiday called "National Draft Day". This is not an approved National Holiday, but there is a petition available. This day is the one day of the year where football fans across the globe set aside other obligations and focus on drafting the ultimate fantasy team.

When is National Draft Day?

National Draft day is scheduled for the last Sunday in August, so for the 2020 season this would be on Sunday, August 25th.

Drafting Your Team

We have created a handful of tools to help with your draft. The first are our Fantasy Football Cheat sheets, which list the top 200 players in the draft and also breaks the players down by position. We have also created some free Printable Fantasy Football Draft Boards that can be enlarged and used at your draft party.