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Fantasy Football Prize Ideas

One of my favorite parts of Fantasy Football is the prize the champion of the league gets to carry around, taunting the other team owners for an entire year! We are not referring to the Fantasy Football Payout Structure, but instead prizes such as trophies and rings. If your league does not already do this, it's definitely something you should look into. Most team owners do not have a problem pitching in an extra $5-$10 toward a prize. Listed below are some options to use for your prizes.

Printable Fantasy Champion Award Certificate

Fantasy Football Award Certificate

The most affordable award is just a paper certificate award. Something simple that can be printed and possibly even framed for the winner of league to hang up in the living room! We have designed a Fantasy Football League Champion Award and a Fantasy Football Last Place Award for the commish to print and pass out at the end of the season.

Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophy Prize Idea

The most common prize is a Fantasy Football Trophy, these come in all shapes and sizes. There are a couple of options here:

The first is to buy a small trophy each year, give it to the winner of the league, and it's theirs to keep. These smaller trophies are very affordable, costing as low as $5.

The second option and what I think is the better option is to get a large trophy, like the one pictured above. The winner of the league gets to hold onto the trophy until the following year. Each year the champion gets their name engraved on a plate and it's added to the trophy with the previous winners.

Loser's Trophy

Fantasy Football Loser Prize Idea

It's fairly common to poke at little fun at the team owner who finishes dead last. There are some pretty comical trophies to give to the loser of the league. I've seen trophies with a pile of crap on top, a horses behind, toilet trophies that say the "toilet bowl champ", and one of my favorites is a Pink Ballerina Trophy.

Fantasy Football Championship Rings

Fantasy Football Championship Ring Prize Idea

League Champions love to wear around the Fantasy Football Championship rings, which are designed to look like Super Bowl Championship rings. These come in very affordable gold plated versions for between $7-$20 or you can go high end and get a real gold customized ring, with team name, league name, year ect.. for $200-$300.

Championship Belts

Fantasy Football Championship Belt Prize Idea

A prize that recently became very popular are the Championship Belts. These are similar to what you would see awarded to a champion boxer or wrestler. These belts are a bit on the expensive end, ranging from $100-$300, but this is an award that can be passed around year after year. A lot of these belts can also be customized with the engraving plates. The items pictured can be purchased at Crown Awards.

Championship T-Shirt

An affordable option is to have a custom t-shirt printed with your league name, the champion's team name, the year, and maybe a little quote from the team owner to help rub it into the competition's face. Every time the champ hangs out with the guys he will have this shirt on!

Loser's Toilet Seat

Fantasy Football Toilet Seat Loser's Prize

We found this toilet seat on and it has a customized engraving plate. This is perfect to pass around to the loser of the league each year!