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Fantasy Football Point Scoring Systems

Each Fantasy Football League has a point scoring system, this is the number of points that is awarded based on a player's stats. The point structure in most leagues are similar, but the number of points awarded each time a player scores can vary. An example of this is ESPN takes away 2 points for an interception thrown and Yahoo only takes away 1. The site that is hosting your league will have a standard point structure that they recommend using, but they also allow the league commissioner to create their own custom point system. We have compiled a list of the most popular fantasy football sites and their point scoring systems.

ESPN Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

YAHOO Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

FOX Sports Fantasy Football Point Scoring Structure

What is the Best Fantasy Point Scoring System?

Keep in mind every League commissioner has a different opinion of this. Some commissioners go off the wall bonkers and create points for every possible play in the game. I was in a league hosted on and looked at the custom scoring system the league commish created and I literally had to scroll through pages, and pages, and yes, more pages to view all of the possible scoring. There were way too many options and no possible way anyone could ever follow all if it. I sometimes like to watch my players play, and I would at least like to have an idea when they are scoring points.

The standard point systems used by the major sites listed above are pretty basic and easy to follow. I prefer to keep it simple with a couple of added bonus categories. A couple additions I like to make are bonus points for a 50+ yard touchdown pass, reception or rushing touchdown. If a quarterback throws for over 375 yards, or a running back has 150 yard game, yes we think they should get some extra points. I don't believe in giving away crazy points(i've been in leagues where they give over 10 points for each bonus), but I do think that these accomplishments merit a few extra points per occurrence.

With that being said, below you will find what we use and want I personally think is the best fantasy football league scoring system.

Every 25 passing yards: 1
Passing Touchdown 4
Interception Thrown -2
375+ Yards Passing 3
50+ Yard Touchdown Pass 2
Every 10 Rushing Yards 1
Rushing Touchdown 6
150 + Rushing Yards 3
50+ Yard Rushing Touchdown 2
Every 10 Receiving Yards 1
Receiving Touchdown 6
150+ Yards Receiving 3
50+ Yard Receiving Touchdown 2
2-Point Conversion 2
Fumbled Offensive Recovery for Touchdown 6
Fumble Lost -2

Field goal 0-39 yards 3
Field goal 40-49 yards 4
Field goal 50+ yards 5
Extra Point Made 1
Missed Field Goal <45 yards -1
Missed Extra point -2

Interception 2
Fumble Recovery 2
Touchdown 6
Sack 1
Safety 2
Kick Return for a Touchdown 6
Extra Point Returned for Score 2
Blocked Kick 2
Shutout(0 Points Allowed) 7
1-6 Points Allowed 4
7-13 Points Allowed 3
14-20 Points Allowed 1
21-27 Points Allowed 0
28-34 Points Allowed -1
35-49 Points Allowed -3
50 Plus Points Allowed -5