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March Madness Blind Draw Office Pool

What is a March Madness Blind Draw Office Pool?
This is one of our many March Madness Offce Pools and is a variation to the normal NCAA Tournament Bracket Office Pool. The basic idea behind this pool is for participants to create a "team of teams" by randomly drawing team names. Each time a participant's team wins, they will be awarded points. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament wins. Try our March Madness Draft Pool for another variation. Begin by getting the Printable NCAA March Madness Bracket. The steps below further explain how to run this pool.

Step 1
Get some friends, family, and co-workers together. You can do this with as few as 2 people and as many as 64, but I like to have about 8. You should have everyone there for the drawing.

Step 2
Begin by putting the names of the 64 teams on individual pieces of paper and placing them into a hat(or something similar). Decide the order of the drawing and then the drawing may begin. Each person draws one team out of the hat until everyone has a team, then the second round of the drawing will begin following the same procedure as the first round. You will do this until all of the teams are gone. At the end of the drawing everyone should have the same amount of teams. If there are left over teams in the hat, these teams will not be used.
Example: You have 6 players, each player will get 10 teams leaving 4 teams that will not be used. If you have 8 players each player will get 8 teams and no teams will be left.

Step 3
The teams you have drawn will be your teams for the entire tournament. For each game/round your team wins you will be awarded points either based on the Ncaa tournament scoring system(round 1=1pt, round 2 =2pts ect...) or for this particular pool I like to use multiply the the winning team's seed by the round. We discuss the proper way to score your bracket in our NCAA Bracket Scoring article. If one of your teams loses in the first round, that team will not get you any points for the entire tournament. After the championship game total up everyone's points, the person with the highest total wins.