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How to run a Survivor Pool

Rules for the Survivor Pool

The idea of this pool comes from the NFL Survivor Pool, where you try to correctly pick one winning game each week of the season, the catch is you can only use a team one time. For this Survivor Pool you try to correctly pick 1 winner for each day that games are played. There are a total of 10 days of games during the Tournament(we do not use the play-in games for this pool). If at any time the team you pick loses, you're out of the pool. We also have the Printable Bracket and if you're looking for other office pools try our College Basketball Squares.

Running the Pool
Print the survivor pool grid from above. Fill in the left column with the names of people that will be participating in the pool. There is enough space for 22 participants on this grid. If you plan on having more than 22 simply print additional copies. Have each participant of the pool submit their picks to you before the tip off of the first game each day. Once their pick is submitted simply write the team name in the corresponding "day" field beside that player's name. Be sure that other pool picks are not shown until that pool member's pick is submitted and make sure no participant picks the same team more than once.

When there is only 1 person left that has not missed any games, they're the winner!

There are a few rules you can use to break ties:

1: Winning Point Margin by all winning teams picked.

2: Total Points Scored by all winning teams picked.

3: Add the seeds of the winning teams selected(highest wins).

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.