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Props Pool for College Basketball Tournament

The College Basketball Props Pool, a spin-off our Props Pool for Super Bowl , is another one of the unique office pools we created. The 20 question props sheet consists of various outcomes for the entire Tournament. Have the participants of the pool try to correctly guess these outcomes, the person with the most correct answers wins!

March Madness Props Pool

How to run a Props Pool

Rules for the Props Pool
This pool is set up basically the same as our Super Bowl Props Pool, except this is designed to predict various outcomes that can happen for the entire length of the Tournament. Simply print multiple copies of the above questionnaire, passing them out to family and friends.

Have each participant answer all of the questions and return the paper before the first game of the tournament. The person with the most correct answers wins the pool. Check out all of our Office Pools for College Basketball Tourney, a couple of the most popular being the Printable Men's College Basketball Bracket and our College Basketball Square Pool.


To be clear on some of the questions.

If the question says "Will any team score more than 104 points?", the team must score 105 or more points to get the answer correct. If the highest points total in the tournament was exactly 104 and the person answered the question "yes", they would be incorrect.

When referring to "seeds" the lower the number, the higher the seed. Seed 1 is a higher seed than seed 16.

When you see the words "first round" this is in reference to the round of 64, not the Play-In games

The Play-In games do not pertain to most of the questions, but could come into play for a few of the questions, such as the "Will any team win by more than 37 points?" or "Will there be more than 5 games go into overtime" questions. You should let all participants know if the Play-in games will count toward any of the questions. They are completely optional, the pool will work the same with our without them.

*Our office pools are intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.