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College Basketball Tourney Round of 16 Office Pool

Round of 16 Pool

We have the Round of 16 Bracket available if you prefer to just run a second chance pick'em bracket, the same as you do the Bracket Pool. But, we have come up with a unique pool that we feel is a much better option.

Running the Pool

Begin by finding 16 friends, family, or co-workers and do a blind draw, assigning one team to each of the 16 people. This pool uses the point spread to determine the winner. As an example, let's say the first game was North Carolina vs Kansas and Kansas was favored by 6.5 points. If Kansas covers the spread, the participant with Kansas would move on to the next round. If North Carolina wins, the participant with North Carolina would move on to the next round. Here's the twist........ If Kansas wins by less than 6.5 points, the person with North Carolina would actually now take over Kansas and the participant who originally had Kansas would be eliminated from the pool.

Winning the Pool

The format above continues in the same manner throughout the rest of the tournament. In the championship game you will still be using the spread, so the person with the losing team, could actually win the pool if the spread is not covered.

The Spread

It's important to choose the same sportsbook for the entire pool, and due to the possibility of the spread changing, it's recommended to pick a day/time of the week and use the spread list for each game in that particular round.