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College Basketball Tourney - Pay Per Seed Pool

What is a Pay Per Seed Pool?
In our unique Pay Per Seed Pool, each seed is assigned a dollar amount. The participants will take turns drawing each team out of a hat, putting the corresponding dollar amount into the pot. Before we get into the rules, we always recommend checking your local, state, and provincial laws before wagering money on office pools.

Get some friends and co-workers together and print a copy of our Printable Bracket. This pool can be ran with as few or as many participants as you wish, but we recommend anywhere between 8 and 16 people. At the end of the pool the participants should all have an equal amount of teams. If there are teams left over, you will simply not use them.

Price of the Seeds

An easy option is to price the seeds as the list below shows:

1 Seeds  - $16

2 Seeds  - $15

3 Seeds  - $14

4 Seeds  - $13

5 Seeds  - $12

6 Seeds  - $11

7 Seeds  - $10

8 Seeds   - $9

9 Seeds   - $8

10 Seeds - $7

11 Seeds - $6

12 Seeds - $5

13 Seeds - $4

14 Seeds - $3

15 Seeds - $2

16 Seeds - $1

The total amount of money in this pool would be $544. If this is too much or not enough, you can easily divide or multiply each dollar amount by 2 or more.

Payout Structure

The payouts are structured different than the normal March Madness Bracket pool. The payouts in that pool, usually total up a participants points for the entire tournament and then pay the top places. In this pool every winning team receives a portion of the prize pool. In the table below, teams that win ONLY one game would split 4% of the total pool, teams that win ONLY 2 games will split 6% and so on.

1 Win 2 Wins 3 Wins 4 Wins 5 Wins 6 Wins
4% 6% 10% 15% 25% 40%

The list below shows how many teams will win each amount of games, and also the dollar amount paid out for each team based on the percentages shown and the price per seed listed above:

16 teams win 1 game - $1.36

8 teams win 2 games - $4.08

4 teams win 3 games - $13.60

2 teams win 4 games - $40.80

1 team wins 5 games - $136.00

1 team wins 6 games - $217.60