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When do the NFL Playoffs Start?

The last games of the 2019-2020 NFL season will be on Sunday, December 29th, 2019 and the NFL Playoffs will begin the following weekend on Saturday, January 4th 2020. The NFL Playoffs begin with the Wild Card games, followed by the Divisional Round, then the Conference Championships. The playoffs are wrapped up two weeks later with the Super Bowl. The complete schedule is listed below. We will update our NFL Playoff Bracket when the match-ups are determined. Don't forget to pick up your Super Bowl Square Grids.

? Wild Card Playoff Games
January 4th and 5th - 2020

? Divisional Playoff Games
January 11th and 12th - 2020

? Conference Championship Games
January 19th - 2020

? Super Bowl
February 2nd - 2020

The NFL Playoffs feature 12 teams, with 6 teams from each of the AFC and NFC Conferences. Check out our How do the NFL Playoffs Work article for a complete explanation on the NFL Playoff System.

Where is the Super Bowl being Played?

When is the Super Bowl?

How long does the Super Bowl last?