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Upcoming Super Bowl Locations

Super Bowl Locations are typically determined 3-6 years in advanced. Any city can place a bid to host the Super Bowl. The NFL owners will meet/vote to determine the hosting city. Listed below are the next 5 Super Bowls from Super Bowl 54 through Super Bowl 58. The list Shows the location and Stadium of each game.

Super Bowl 54(LIV) - 2020

Location - Miami Gardens, Florida
Stadium - Hard Rock Stadium

Super Bowl 55(LV) - 2021

Location - Tampa, Florida
Stadium - Raymond James Stadium

Super Bowl 56(LVI) - 2022

Location - LA, California
Stadium - LA Stadium at Hollywood Park

Super Bowl 57(LVII) - 2023

Location - Glendale, Arizona
Stadium - State Farm Stadium

Super Bowl 58(LVIII) - 2024

Location - New Orleans, Louisiana
Stadium - Mercedes-Benz Superdome

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