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Before we get to the rules, if you need some square grids, try our Poster Size Football Square Grid, which is 24" x 32", our Football Square Scratch-Offs or our free Printable Football Squares.

What are Football Squares?

Football Squares, along with the March Madness Bracket, are the two most popular office pools in the world. There are quite a few variations, such as the 25 square grid, the 50 square grid, and Football Squares with Quarter Lines, but the most popular one is the normal 100 box Football Squares.

Running the Pool

There should be a Pool Administrator that handles passing out the grid and awarding the winners. The grid is to be passed around having participants place their name in the squares of their choice. Unless stated otherwise, a participant can get as many squares as they want.

Drawing the numbers

Once the grid is full, you will then draw the numbers that will represent the last digit in each team's score.

We highly recommend waiting until after the grid is filled out before drawing the numbers. As you can see from our Best Super Bowl Number Odds article, there are obviously certain scores/numbers that or more likely to happen than others. This gives an extremely high advantage to the people filling in their name first, which is discussed in our Super Bowl Square Strategy article.

The easiest way to draw is to place the numbers 0 through 9 in a hat and draw them out one at at time, writing the top row of numbers first, working your way from left to right.

Place the numbers back in the hat and draw again for the left column, working from top to bottom.

Winning Squares

Check out our Examples of Super Bowl Square Payouts for ideas on the prize structure of your pool. The winning squares are determined by using the last digit of each team's score at the end of each quarter.


The score at the end of the first quarter is Top Team 10 - Left Column Team 14, you would find the number 0(last digit of 10) in the top row and the number 4(last digit of 14) in the left hand column. Follow those numbers to see which square they intersect, the person's name that is in that square would be the winner of the first quarter. Follow the same procedure for the next 3 quarters(or final score as seen below).


A common question that arises is: "If the game goes into overtime, do you use the 4th Quarter Score or do you use the Final Score?" Unless stated otherwise by the pool administrator, the final score should be used in place of the 4th quarter score if the game goes into overtime.