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Sample Super Bowl Square Payouts and Prizes

Below is a list of various payout structures you can use for your Super Bowl Square Office Pool. Please keep in mind you should check the laws in your local jurisdiction before wagering money on office pools. If you will be hosting the pool this year please check out our Poster Size 24" x 32" Super Bowl Grids and our Super Bowl Square Scratch-Offs.

1. The most common payout is one winner for each of the first 3 quarters and a 4th winner for the final score. The payouts are typically equal. If each square is sold for $10, then each winner would receive $250. Alternatively you can scale the payouts so that the prizes go up for each quarter. Example 1st Quarter $100 - 2nd Quarter $175 - 3rd Quarter $275 - Final Score $450.

2. Another popular option is to also pay the reverse of the winning numbers. If the AFC team has 7 and the NFC team has 0, you would payout the normal winner as you do in step one, then you would also find the 0 in the AFC row and the 7 in the NFC row and that intersecting square would get paid half of what the main winner does.

3. This typically requires a large prize pool, but a payout can be made every time there is a score change. This creates a lot of winners, so it keeps everyone on their toes. An example of this is the AFC team scores a touchdown which makes it 6-0. The square intersecting 6 and 0 would be a winner and as soon as the extra point is kicked the square intersecting 7-0 would be a winner. You can pay every winner the same, or you can make the scores at the end of each quarter worth more.

You can also adjust this method so that payouts are only paid for the score right before a kickoff. Which in the instance above would pay only the 7-0 score. When using this method you do not know the payouts until after the game is over. When the game is complete, simply take the total prize pool and divide it by the number of score changes/winning squares.

4. Another option many people use and once again typically requires a large prize pool is the "touching squares" method. Any square touching a winning square is also a winner. The payouts are adjusted based on how many squares are touching the winning squares, this can get interesting and a bit strategic.

Example: $10 per square - $1000 total prize pool. Each of the 4 quarter winning squares would each get $125. The squares touching each winning square would divide up the additional $125 per quarter.

A winning square in the middle of the board will have 8 squares touching it, therefore you would divide the $125 by 8 giving each touching square $15.62. A winning corner square will only have 3 Squares touching it, which would give each touching square $41.66.

A simple variation to this and what I consider to be a bit more fair is to only pay the squares directly above/below/left/right of the winning square. Winning squares on the outer edge would go to the other side of the board to find the square "touching" them.

Example: The top left corner square wins, the touching square directly below it and to the right of it would win, along with the bottom left corner square(which would be considered the square above it, and also the right top corner square(which would be considered the square to the left of it).

5. An easy twist to the normal square grids are the Super Bowl Squares with Quarter Lines and also the Super Bowl Squares with Halftime Lines. With these the numbers assigned to each square change every quarter or after halftime.

Those are just a few of many different payout options, with a little creativity it won't be hard for you to come up with your own twist. Keep in mind that all participants should know the rules of the payouts before they ever purchase a square.