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Super Bowl Square Strategy

Before we start the article if you need some square grids here are some small printable Super Bowl Squares and also our Large Super Bowl Square Grid which is 24" x 32"!


I am often asked the question whether there is any strategy to winning the Super Bowl Square office pool. Well the answer is yes and no. It is all according to how the pool is ran.

I have seen Super Bowl Grids going around that already have the numbers filled in the top row and left column before you write your name in. If this is the case, then yes there is definitely a very significant amount of strategy involved. The reason being there are obviously scores in a football game that appear more often than others. We go into a very detailed article we titled Best Super Bowl Numbers and Odds. In this article you will see that the most popular numbers are 0 and 7, with the least likely numbers being 2 and 8.

So the obvious strategy is to pick the squares where a combination includes the numbers 0 and 7.

If this grid gets to you late and there are very few squares left, I would not bother participating unless you can pick up a combo that includes the numbers 0,7,3,4.

I personally am not a fan of running the pool like this. I prefer to keep everything random, by first filling all of the squares with names and then doing the number drawing. This is the most popular way to run this pool. To answer the original question, NO there is not a strategy to winning the pool when it is ran in this format. It is simply the luck of the draw.