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Winter Olympics Office Pool

Our unique Winter Olympics Office Pool features 15 different events, with the participant's of your pool trying to correctly predict which countries will medal in each event. You can find complete instructions on running this pool at the bottom of the page.

Printable Winter Olympics Office Pool

How to run a Winter Olympics Office Pool

Starting the Pool

You should print out and distribute a copy to all participants approximately 1-2 weeks before the Olympics begin. Here you can find out When the Winter Olympics Start? The participants should place the names of the 3 countries they think will finish highest in each of the competitions listed. Most of the competitions have both a Men's and a Women's event. We have left this generic, as you may choose to use just Men's Competitions, just Women's Competitions or both Men's and Women's.

To make this more strategic, a single country can only be picked 5 total times.

Awarding Points
Points are awarded based on the medals awarded to each country. If a participant correctly chooses a team that medals, they are awarded the corresponding points:

Gold Medal - 3 Points

Silver Medal - 2 Points

Bronze Medal 1 Point

If a country medals twice in the same event, the participant is to be awarded multiple points.

Keep in mind participants are not trying to guess the exact medal placement, but instead just trying to pick the countries that will finish in the top 3.

After each event, total the medal points and place them in the right column. After the final event, add the totals in the right column and place that number beside the box labeled "total points". The participant with the highest total wins.


Just in case two participants finish with the same total points, it would be a good idea to add a tie-breaker to your pool. An example would be, total medal count for the US, or total medal count for US and Canada combined.

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.