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Nascar Survivor Pool

Printable Nascar Survivor Pool

How to run a Nascar Survivor Pool

What is the Nascar Survivor Pool?

The idea of this pool is based off of the NFL Survivor Pool, where you try to correctly pick the winner of one game each week, but you can only pick each team one time. In the Nascar Survivor Pool you will be picking one driver each week, and you can only pick a particular driver one time.

Running the Pool
This races counted toward this pool are the 36 points races. If you find this pool idea late, you can start at any race during the season. The grid above has enough space for 10 participants. If you plan on having more in your pool simply print multiple copies. The gray boxes across the top row are where the participant names are to be placed. Each week the participants are to submit their driver pick to the pool administrator. It is at the admin's discretion as to when the picks must be submitted. There are basically two ways: You can allow them to wait until after the qualifying rounds are complete, or you can request all picks be submitted before the qualifying rounds start. Simple write the driver's name or car number under the participant's name and in the corresponding race number.

Scoring this Pool
The scoring is simple, points are awarded in reverse order of the finish. If the driver chosen gets first place, the participant will be awarded 43 points. If the driver chosen gets last place, they are awarded 1 point. Below is a full point chart. Write each player's points for that week beside the driver name/car number. After the last race simply add up all of the points and write the points in the row labeled total, the person with the highest total wins.

Finish Points
1st 43
2nd 42
3rd 41
4th 40
5th 39
6th 38
7th 37
8th 36
9th 35
10th 34
11th 33
12th 32
13th 31
14th 30
15th 29
16th 28
17th 27
18th 26
19th 25
20th 24
21st 23
22nd 22
23rd 21
24th 20
25th 19
26th 18
27th 17
28th 16
29th 15
30th 14
31st 13
32nd 12
33rd 11
34th 10
35th 9
36th 8
37th 7
38th 6
39th 5
40th 4
41st 3
42nd 2
43rd 1

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.