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How to run a Nascar Chase Grid Office Pool

What is the Nascar Chase Grid?

Beginning in 2014 Nascar went to a playoff based format to determine the Monster Energy Champion! We have a complete article dedicated to How the Nascar Chase Grid Works, but to sum it up:

The tournament starts with 16 racers in the 1st round, with 12 racers moving on the the 2nd round, 8 racers advance to the 3rd round and 4 racers face off in the championship. Also check out When the Nascar Season Starts!

Running the Pool
To run an office pool for the Chase Grid you would use a format similar to the March Madness Bracket Pool. With this pool you have a couple of different options:

Option 1: Have each participant fill out all rounds of the bracket before the first race.

Option 2: Have each participant only fill in the 12 racers they think will advance to the 2nd round. After the 12 races have advanced, the participants would then fill out the 3rd round and so on.

Scoring this Pool
To score this pool you would simply use a points per round system. An example would be:

1st Round - 1 Point

2nd Round - 2 Points

3rd Round - 4 points

Championship - 8 Points


Simply tally up the total points per participant, the person with the highest total wins!