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Nascar 43 Square Office Pool

Nascar 43 Square Office Pool

How to run a Nascar 43 Office Pool

Step 1
Print the 43 square grid from above. Go to our Printable Nascar Schedule page to get a free printout of the Monster Energy races.

Step 2
Write the numbers 1-43 on separate pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Have each participant in the pool draw a number or multiple numbers based on how many people are going to be in the pool. Place the name of each person in the grid with the matching number.

Step 3
The numbers represent the qualifying order of the race. Write the name of each driver in the corresponding location on the grid, based on which position they qualified in. If the driver is in the pole position they would go in the #1 box. The driver in the 2 position would go in the #2 box and so on.

Winning the pool
Find the winner of the race on the grid and which ever players name is in the box wins the pool. For a little variety you can have the winner and the loser of the race both be winning squares.

If you like this pool try our Nascar Survivor Pool, where you try to pick the driver that will get the most points each week, but you can only pick each driver once.

*Our grids are intended for entertainment purposes only. Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.