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How the Nascar Points Chase Works

How are Nascar Points Awarded?

Racers are awarded points based on their finish. The winner of each race is awarded 43 points, 2nd place 42 points, 3rd place 41 points and so on, all the way down to last place getting 1 point.

Bonus Points

Racers are also awarded bonuses points. The racer that wins the race is awarded 3 bonus points. Any racer that leads any lap during the race is awarded 1 bonus point. The racer that leads the most laps is also awarded 1 bonus points.

Chase Grid

As of 2014 Nascar has went to what they call the "Chase Grid" format. This is basically a tournament style format that begins after the first 26 races of the season are complete. The top 16 racers advance to the "Chase Grid". Here is our Printable Chase Grid Playoff Bracket!

Challenger Round

This round is made up of 16 racers, who compete in 3 races. The winner from each race automatically qualifies for the next round, and the remaining spots are filled based on point totals. There are 12 racers that advance to the Contender Round.

Contender Round

This round works the same as the Challenger Round, with 8 racers advancing to the next round.

Eliminator Round

Once again, this round works the same as the previous rounds. There are 3 races, with the winner from each race automatically qualifying for the Nascar Monster Energy Championship, which will consist of the 4 racers that advance from this round.

Nascar Monster Energy Championship Race

The 4 racers to advance from the Eliminator Round will race in a first to the finish line race. The winner of this race is crowned the overall Champion!