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How to Run an NFL Survivor Pool

Printable Survivor Pool Grid

To start you will need one of our Printable NFL Survivor Pool Grids. The grids our designed with space for up to 25 people and all 17 weeks are on one sheet.

Rules for the Survivor Pool

The object of a survivor pool is to pick a single winner, of the game of your choice, each week for the entire NFL season. You cannot pick a team more than once. If at any point during the season the team you choose does not win, you are out of the pool. It's important to note the "does not win" portion of that last sentence. The object of a survivor pool is to pick a winning team each week. For more information on this please read our Rules for a game ending in a tie.


There are two options for running this pool. Most people pick for the first week and wait until week number 1 is over before submitting picks for the following week. You can also have everyone submit their picks for the entire season all at the same time. We also recommend trying our NFL Streak Pool and our NFL Margin Pool.

Running the Pool

Fill in the left column with the names of people that will be participating in the pool. As mentioned above, the grid will work for up to 25 people. Just print additional copies if you have more participants. Start with week one and have everyone submit their pick for the week. Once all of week one games have been completed have all the remaining participants submit their pick for week 2 ect..

When there is only 1 person left that has not missed any games, they're the winner!

Double Elimination Survivor Pool

Another variation of the normal Survivor Pool is the Double Elimination version. This pool works exactly the same, with the only difference being, a participant is not eliminated until they have picked two incorrect games.