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"Streak" Office Pool

Below is our Streak Office Pool. The idea is simple, each participant will pick only one game each week and it will be picked against the spread. Points are awarded each time a participant's streak comes to an end. Point structure and complete instructions are at the bottom of this page. You can use our Pick'em Against the Spread Sheets to get the spreads each week.

Printable NFL Streak Pool

How to run a Streak Pool

Rules for the Streak Pool

The object of a streak pool is to pick a team each week that will cover the spread. If you're not familiar with spread you can read the bottom of this page for an explanation. Remember the participants are not trying to pick the winner or loser of each game, but instead which team will cover the spread.

This pool lasts for the duration of the Regular Season, and contrary to the Survivor Pool, all participants remain in the pool for the whole season and a team can be picked as many times as a participant wishes.

Running the Pool
Fill in the left column with the names of people that will be participating in the pool. This grid will work for up to 24 people. Just print additional copies if you have more participants. At the beginning of each week show the particpants a list of the spreads to make their selection for the week from.

Scoring the Streak Pool
Points are awarded after each person's streak has come to an end. Simply take the number of games that the participant has correctly picked in a row and multiply that number times itself.


1. Participant John correctly picked 4 games in a row, he would be awarded 16 points(4 x 4).

2. Participant Tom correctly picked 1 game in a row, he would be awarded 1 point(1 x 1).

Each person's streak will reset after they have an incorrect pick.

An easy way to track the scores is to print a second copy of the chart from above.

Tie Breaker
If at the conclusion of week 17 two players have the same point total, the person who had the longest streak during the season would be the winner. If that number is the same, you can use the second longest streak and so on.

*Please check your local gambling laws for information on the legality of wagering money on office pools.