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When do the College Football Playoffs Start?

2021-2022 College Football Playoffs

The 2021-2022 College Football Playoff Bracket matchups will be announced on Sunday, December 5th at around Noon ET. Our Printable College Football Playoff Bracket will be available soon thereafter. The announcement of the bracket parings, along with all of the playoff games, will be televised and live streamed on ESPN. The final standings of the top 25 and the New Year's bowl games will also be announced at this time.

Playoff Bowl Games

The playoffs rotate bowl games each year, with the 2021-2022 semi-final bowls being the Cotton Bowl and the Orange Bowl. It's important to note that the bowl games are not pre-assigned to the 1 vs 4 game or the 2 vs 3 game, but instead the committee will look at the convenience of the location, along with a few other factors, to help determine where each matchup will take place.

Office Pools

If you're looking for an office pool to run during the playoffs we highly recommend trying our College Football Playoff Squares. They're like the Super Bowl Squares, but you use the final score of all 3 games of the playoffs! Also check out our College Bowl Game Pick'em Sheets.

Dates of the Playoffs

* Selection Sunday
Sunday, December 5th 2022

*Cotton Bowl
Fri, December 31st 2022
3:30 P.M. or 7:30 P.M.

*Orange Bowl
Fri, December 31st 2022
3:30 P.M. or 7:30 P.M.

*National Championship Game
Monday, January 10th 2022
Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis, IN
8:00 P.M. ET