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When are the NFL Schedules Released?

Release Date

Following suit with most of the other major sports, the NFL does an excellent job of keeping the actual release date under its hat. But, based on past schedule release dates we can make somewhat of an educated guess that the schedules will be released sometime between the week beginning April 13th or 20th of 2020.

We have also compiled a list of Past NFL Schedule Release Dates, that may help give some insight on when to expect future releases. The year will conclude with Super Bowl 55 on February 7th, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Future Schedules

Most folks are unaware that the NFL announces team opponents, and whether the games will be played at home or away, a couple years in advance. We have the Future 2020 Opponents and Schedules available.

Other NFL Schedules

We have both the Printable NFL Team Schedules and the NFL Weekly Schedules available, along with the Monday Night Football Schedule and the Thursday Night Football Schedule. These will be updated shortly after the schedule is announced.

When does the NFL Season Start?