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Rotating Partner Doubles Round Robin
Tournament Schedules

Below are printable versions of our Switch Partner Doubles Round Robin Tournament Charts, where every player pairs up with every other player, and also opposes all players. These are perfect for tennis, pickleball, ping pong, and many other sports. If you are playing doubles without the partner rotation, please check out our normal Round Robin Schedules.

What is a Switch Doubles Round Robin Tournament?
Our Switch Partners Doubles Round Robin schedules allow you to pair up with every other player in the tournament at least 1 time. The schedules are also designed so that each player opposes every other player twice.

Using the Charts ?
At the top of the chart you will randomly fill in each player's name beside a corresponding number. These numbers will be used at the bottom of the schedule for the partner pairings and the matchups.

Example: 1-2 vs 3-4....This simply means Player 1 and 2 will be paired up against Players 3 and 4.

Winning the Tournament
The winner of the tournament will be the person with the most wins. If one or more players has the same number of wins, you can use some of our Round Robin Tie-Breakers to determine a winner.