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When are the 2019 MLB Schedules Released?

Release Date

The 2019 MLB Schedules were announced on Wednesday, August 20th. The MLB will continue to announce game times throught the middle of January.

Below is a list of past schedule release dates , that may help give some insight on when to expect future releases.

Our Printable MLB Schedules will be updated once the full schedule is complete.


Past Release Dates

Year Date
Day of Week
2019 August 22
2018 September 12
2017 September 14
2016 September 8
2015 September 8
2014 September 10
2013 September 12
2012 September 14

Printable MLB Schedules

We will have the Printable MLB Team Schedules available shortly after the schedule is announced.

When does the MLB Season Start?