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How to Run a Same Partner Euchre Tournament

Tournament Format

There are basically two types of euchre tournaments that you could run. The first is a tournament in which you keep the same partner throughout the entire tournament, in the end you have one team that would win the tournament. The second is a tournament in which the winners of each match move to the next table and switch partners, each playing as a teammate with the loser of the previous game. There are multiple ways to run and score each type of tournament, but these are the two basic ways to run a euchre tournament, you're either playing with the same partner each round or you are switching partners each round. This article explains ways to run the same partner tournaments, visit our Rotating Partner Euchre Tournament page for complete explanation of that format.

Single or Double Elimination

You can run a euchre tournament as you would any other type of single or double elimination tournament. Start with our Printable Euchre Tournament Bracket, and randomly select which teams will play each other in the bracket. The winner of each match(first team to 10) would move on in the bracket, if playing double elimination the losers would drop down to the loser's bracket. If you need further explanation visit our Single Elimination Tournament or Double Elimination Tournament page.

Moving Tables Option

You can also run a same partner tournament by planning a set number of matches or a set time limit. After each match(score of 10 points) each team keeps a count of the number of games won on our and also keeps a count of the number of points scored on our Printable Euchre Scorecards. The tables should be numbered 1,2,3 ect.. The losers of each match will move to the next table and the winners will remain at the current table. The losers at the last table number of each round will move up to table 1. After the set amount of games have been played or the time limit has been reached have each team tally up the number of games won. The winner is the team with the highest number of games won, the highest total points scored would be used in case of a tie-breaker.

Round Robin

You can also run a Round Robin "Same Partner" Euchre tournament. A round robin tournament is set up so that each team plays every other team one time. The score system is the same as the previous example, play to 10 and keep track of the number of games won and the total points scored. The main difference is you will be following the Round Robin format as opposed to the losers moving tables each round. Visit our Printable Round Robin Tournament Format page to get the correct match ups for up to 18 teams.