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How to Run a Euchre Tournament

Tournament Formats

There are a couple different types of Euchre Tournament formats. This article is going to explain how to run a tournament where the players rotate partners after each game. The other type of tournament is one in which you keep the same partner for the entire tournament, visit our Euchre Tournament With The Same Partner page for further explanation on this format. Both types of tournaments have their advantages, it just comes down to player/euchre tournament host preference.

Tournament With Rotating Partners

To run a rotating player euchre tournament you will need to determine either a set number of games to be played or a certain time limit, either method works just fine. Begin by numbering the tables 1,2,3,4 ect.. and then draw for the seats the players will sit in. The easiest way to do this is by putting all of the player's names in a hat and draw one name at a time sitting the first person at table 1 in the first seat and continue drawing names one at a time placing players around each table. Alternatively you could just let everyone sit where they want for the first game.

Ending Individual Matches

Unlike the normal euchre game where the first team to score 10 points wins, each game will end after two complete rounds(8 hands) of dealing. Sometimes you will score more than 10, sometimes less. Each person has a score card and writes their total points from that table, get our free Printable Euchre Scorecards. Once the games for that round are complete, the two winners from each table will get up and move to the next table in numerical order and the losers will stay at their table. One of the losers will have to rotate one seat over so that one winner and one loser are on the same team this game. No two partners should play back to back games together.

Winning the Tournament

At the end of the tournament each player is to add their total points scored in all of the games. The person with the highest total wins the tournament.

If you are interested in running tournament bracket please visit our Printable Euchre Tournament Brackets page.