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Fillable Women's College Basketball Tournament Bracket

  • Keep your bracket professional with no more handwritten scoring systems!
  • Edit any of the blue fields you see on the bracket!
  • Type in the scoring by round in the top row!
  • Large blank space in the upper middle of the bracket for title!
  • Blank space for participants to enter total point tie-breaker!
  • Feel free to leave any of the text fields blank. They will appear as blank white space when printed!

Fillable Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket

The bracket is in .PDF format which requires Adobe Reader to view and print, if you do not have a version of this installed on your computer you can Download Adobe Reader Free By Clicking Here

How to use the Fillable Bracket

Features of the Fillable Bracket

With our fillable bracket you can now have the participants of your pool fill in their picks and email them to you. The latest version of Adobe Reader is needed in order to save this file.

Another purpose of this fillable bracket is to allow you to type in the scoring by round in the top row before printing. Most sites allow you to just print the plain bracket, leaving you to hand write the points per round or any other special instructions you want to give to your pool participants, which doesn't always result in the best looking bracket.

You have a lot of options with this bracket. The background color of the text boxes does not print, they are only there to let you know which fields are editable. You could print it as is, without typing anything in and you'll still get the normal high resolution blank Women's College Basketball Bracket. You could just fill in the Scoring Per Round and leave the rest of the fields blank. Check out our Bracket Scoring Systems if you need some ideas on how to score your bracket. You could also just type in your picks for the tournament and print out without putting any scoring system or special instructions!