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Tournament Brackets

If you're like many other soon to be parents, agreeing on the baby's name can be somewhat of a troublesome task. This is where baby name tournament brackets come into play. Below you will find brackets available that will allow you to start with 4,8,16 or 32 names.

The idea is simple. The parents begin by narrowing their baby names down to the corresponding number/bracket. From there, friends and family can vote each round to determine which names advance in the tournament. When all rounds are complete and only one name is left, that will be the name of the baby. The baby shower is an ideal time to run your tournament.

These are available as easy to print Blank Brackets or you can use our Editable Versions which will allow you to type on the bracket. This version will also allow you to Save, Edit, Update, Email, and Print.

A couple of good options for using the Editable Versions are as follows:

If you plan on using these at your baby shower, start by randomly placing the chosen baby names in the first round positions. Next, print off as many brackets as you deem necessary. Have each person at the shower vote on each baby name match-up, with the baby name getting the most votes moving on to the next round. The vote count should be reset after each round, and a new tally taken for each matchup in the rounds that follow.

The second option for the editable versions is to basically run your tournament online. The voting system would still work the same, but you can email or post the bracket on your blog/Facebook/Pinterest ect.. Friends can edit the bracket themselves, and email you back their picks or just submit their votes by commenting on your posted bracket.

Editable Versions

Blank Printable Versions