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NBA Playoff Squares

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How to run an NBA Playoff Squares Pool

Object: This pool is slightly different than most of the square pools that you have seen. The object of this pool is for your square to intersect with the two teams that will be playing in the championship series. There are a total of 64 squares on the grid.

Step 1
Print the square grid from above.

Step 2
Go around to family, friends, and co-workers having them write their name in the white square or squares of their choice. You can have a set amount of squares for each person or let the person write their name in as many squares as they want.

Step 3
Once all of the squares are full it is time to set up the drawing. Write down all of the teams that are in the Eastern Conference playoffs on separate pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Draw the teams one at a time, placing the first team drawn in the first gray square on the top row, then draw the second team's name placing it in the second gray square in the top row, continue this until all of the teams have been drawn. Repeat these steps for the Western Conference teams, placing the first team drawn in the first gray square in the left column and working your way down from top to bottom. You can eliminate the "hat drawing" method by using our Team Randomizer Tool, which will all you to type in the team names and then automatically randomize them for you.

Step 4
Now is time for the fun!! This pool lasts for the entire playoffs, in the end there will be one square that wins the prize pool. After each playoff series you will find the losing team on the grid and place an "X" in all of the squares below that teams name(if Eastern Conference) or all of the squares beside that teams name(if Western Conference). Eventually all of the squares will be crossed out except for 1, this is the winning square. This square will be the intersecting square of the two teams playing for the championship. The championship series is of no importance in this pool. Check out our NBA Squares if your interested in a Championship Series office pool.

Additional Winners
Most people prefer to have more than one winner per pool, listed below are a few things we have done in the past:

  • The square directly above and below the winning square are also
    winners. If the winning square is in the top row, you would use the square directly below it and the square in the bottom row(in the same column). Reverse this if the winning square is in the bottom row.
  • Create an instant winner for the square that intersects both 8 seeds.
  • Have a consolation prize for the square that intersects the two teams eliminated in the Conference Finals.