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32 Man/Team Compass Draw

Tournament Bracket

Below is a printable 32 Player/Team Compass Draw Bracket. Visit our Compass Draw Tournament Brackets page for a complete explanation on running a Compass Draw Tournament. If you click the "Customize this Bracket" link directly below the image, you can quickly edit the title of the bracket before printing.

32 Player Compass Draw Tournament Bracket

The watermark on the printable version will not appear when the bracket is printed.

If you have any troubles viewing or editing the bracket, simply make sure you are opening the file with Adobe Reader. If you do not have the latest version of this installed on your computer you can Download Adobe Reader Free.

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How to run a 32 Team Compass Draw Tournament

The Bracket
A 32 Team Compass Draw Tournament has a total of 72 games, with the first round of 16 games beginning in the center column.

The bracket is labeled with the 8 directions on a compass(North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest). When a team loses they are moved to a different bracket, winners always just advance in their current bracket. The numbers inside each match represent the order the games are to be played in. Where you see L17, L18, L19 ect.. this is where the loser of each one of those games is to be moved(L stands for loser, the number represents the game number they lost).

Round 1
The first round of the tournament has team names listed down the middle column. The winners of the first round move to the right or the East Bracket, the losers move to the left or the West Bracket.

Round 2

The losers in the second round from the East Bracket move up to the North Bracket and the the losers of the West Bracket drop down to the South Bracket. The winners just move over in the current bracket.

Round 3

At the end of round 3, the losers of the West drop down to the Southwest Bracket and the losers from the East will move up to the Southeast Bracket.

The losers of the South Bracket will move over to the Southeast, and the losers of the North Bracket will move over to the Northwest Bracket.

Round 4

At the end of round 4, the losers are eliminated from the tournament and the winners advance over to the championship game of each bracket/compass direction.