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Women's World Cup Tournament Bracket 2019

Printable 2019 Women's World Cup Tournament Bracket

How the Women's World Cup Tournament Works

The FIFA Women's World Cup tournament is played every four years and is made up of 32 teams from all around the world. The tournament is broken up into two different stages:

Group Stage

The first stage being the group stage or the qualifying stage. The teams are broken up into 6 groups/pools lettered A through F, with each one of the groups having 4 teams. Each group will play a Round Robin Tournament, which simply means each team in a group will play the other 3 teams in that group 1 time. Here is the 2019Women's World Cup Group Stage Schedule.

Knockout Tournament

The second stage is the knockout tournament also known as a single elimination tournament. Only 16 teams advance to the knockout tournament. Similar to a March Madness Bracket, if you win, you advance, if you lose you are eliminated.

There is also a consolation game to decide 3rd and 4th place.