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Super Bowl Square Generator

Please select the size of your square grid

100 Squares    100 Squares with Quarter Lines    100 Squares with Halftime Lines   
50 Squares      50 Squares with Quarter Lines      50 Squares with Halftime Lines   
25 Squares      25 Squares with Quarter Lines      25 Square with Halftime Lines   

*After clicking the "next step" button below, you will be able to select the two teams which will automatically load the team logos on your printable version. You will also have the option to display the cost per square, payout information, and even enter special notes/instructions for your pool.

*For proper functionality, please make sure your browser has javascript enabled.

Below is a sample grid created from the 2013-14 Super Bowl, where a 100 Square Grid was selected from the choices above. On the next page the Denver Broncos were chosen as the top team and the Seattle Seahawks were chosen as the left column team. Since the person running this pool is a Seahawks fan, they chose the Seahawks shade of blue for the color of the grid. The payouts for each quarter were entered and a couple lines of notes were also added(both of these features are optional, and if not entered, the area will just be blank white space).

Super Bowl Squares Generator