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*The title is optional and will just have blank space if no text is entered.

How the Generator Works

We have take over 70 different "events" that can happen during the Big Game. These events include penalties, commercials, various scoring methods, plays for certain yardage amounts, coin toss results, and even the numbers 0 through 9 that represent the team's scores. Each card you create is completely random and no event will appear on the same card twice. We have added a special function that will limit the amount of numbers displayed on each card to 3 or 4.


To generate your cards, begin by choosing the number of cards you need to create. Don't worry if you need more than 50 cards, since everything is random you can create your first 50 cards and go back and create more and no card will be duplicated.


The next two steps allow you to change the color of both the squares and the numbers. If you prefer black, simply leave these two fields unchanged.


The last step allows you to change the title that will appear at the top of each card. So, you could write someting like "Bubba's Big Game Bingo"!