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Number of Games in the NCAA March Madness Tournament

Total Number of Games

The Men's NCAA March Madness tournament begins in the middle of March and takes place over the course of 3 weeks. When you include the First Four Play-In Games, there are a total of 67 games played. For office pools such as the NCAA Squares Pool and the March Madness Bracket Pool, most folks exclude the First Four games, which leaves a total of 63 games played in the main 6 rounds of the tournament. The two teams playing in the National Championship game will likely play a total of 6 games each(this is assuming neither of them play in the play-in games).

Games Per Round

First Four 1st Round 2nd Round Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final Four Championship
4 Games 32 Games 16 Games 8 Games 4 Games 2 Games 1 Game

Game Locations for the NCAA Tournament

How does the NCAA Tournament Work?

Why are there 11, 12, 13, and 14 seeds in the Play-In Games?

What T.V. Channel is the NCAA March Madness Tournament On?