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NHL Playoffs Confidence Pool

NHL Playoff Confidence Pool

How to run NHL Playoffs Confidence Pool

Rules for this pool

The idea behind the NHL Playoff Confidence Pool is to rank the teams from 1 to 16 based on which team you think will win the most games in the playoffs. After the NHL season is complete and the Playoff Matchups are set, start by printing a copy of the grid above and passing it out to all potential participants. We also have the Printable NHL Playoff Bracket available.

Have the pool participants write the team name in the square beside the corresponding number. The #16 team being the team they think will win the most games throughout the playoffs, the #15 team being the team to win the second most games, and so on, all the way down to #1.

Each time a team wins a game, the pool participant will get the corresponding points(rank = points).

After the Stanley Cup Finals champion is crowned, add up the points accumulated from each individual team and write that amount in the "Total Points" column. Then add up the points in the "Total Points" column and write the final total in the gray box that says "Total Points". The participant with the most points wins! If you need another office pool to run try our NHL Playoff Squares where the idea is similar to the Super Bowl Squares, but instead of drawing numbers you will draw team names and the winning square will be the two teams playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Tie Breakers
The tie breaker in this pool is the total number of goals scored in the entire series of the Stanley Cup Finals.