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Excel 2024 Men's College Basketball Bracket

Below is our Men's College Basketball Bracket in Excel Format. Once the Excel file is downloaded, the participants of your pool can easily use the built in drop down menus to move the teams forward in the bracket. Each gray box you see will allow you to select the winner from the previous game. We have also included a tie-breaker space for the participants to enter the total points scored in the championship game. If you don't have Excel, but would still like to be able to fill out the bracket we recommend using our Fillable Men's College Basketball Bracket. If you're looking for a quick print, you can use our Printable Men's College Basketball Bracket.

Excel Template Men's College Basketball Bracket

How to use the Excel Men's College Basketball Bracket

Features of the Excel Bracket

With our Excel bracket you can now have the participants of your pool fill in their picks and email them to you. As the person running this pool, you can then compile all brackets into one Excel file and email it to all participants. This will allow the participants to follow along with everyone's picks.

We have left a large blank space at the top center of the bracket. This is a perfect place to add your company logo or enter some custom bracket competition name.

We have also left some blank space just below the tournament rounds/dates to enter the points that will be awarded in each round, for each game correctly picked. Check out our Bracket Scoring Systems if you need some ideas on how to score your bracket.

When the participant clicks on any gray box, the drop down menu will display the two teams playing in the previous game. When a team is clicked in the drop down box, their name will appear in the gray box. Please note you must pick the winners from the previous games in order for the 2 names to show up in the next round.

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