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How to Run a Cornhole Tournament

The Venue

Choose when and where the tournament will be held. Be sure to take into consideration the number of players and the space the boards will take up. Also consider food and restroom accommodations. Determine the rules of the tournament in advance and make sure the rules are discussed with all players before the tournament begins.

Tournament Format

Decide if you will be running a single elimination, double elimination, or round robin tournament. Your decision should be influenced by the number of players that are planning to attend and also the time allotted for the tournament. To help with your planning we have created a cool little tool that will calculate the total Number of Games in each type of Tournament.

The Brackets

Once you have decided on the type of tournament you will be running you will need to print the tournament brackets. You can do this by clicking here. Another option is to purchase our Poster Size Cornhole Brackets. Many tournaments will have pre-registration with a deadline to register. This allows more planning time for the bracket.

The Teams

Once the day of the tournament has arrived and all of the players are gathered, you will need to decide how teams are going to be formed, you have a few different options.

Option 1: The teams have already been set, everyone came to the tournament with their own partner or chose their partner once they arrived.

Option 2: Place every player's name in a hat and draw two names at a time, those two players will be on a team.

Setting up the Bracket

Now you will need to draw for the spots on the tournament bracket. You will place each teams name in a hat and begin drawing the teams one at a time, placing the first team drawn on the first blank line, the second team drawn on the second blank line and so on. Alternatively you can use our Random Tournament Matchup Tool, which will allow you to type in the team names, then randomize the matchups.

Tournament Time

The tournament is ready to begin, most of the brackets are numbered in the order the matches will be played. If they are not start at the top left and work you way down and to the right. Before each match begins you should flip a coin to see which side of the board each player will throw from, this is the fairest method as many players can throw better from a certain side. Continue the tournament until a winner has been decided.