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How to Run a College Football Pick'em Pool

Running your Pool

Begin by printing copies of our College Football Pick'em Sheets. Every week, on either Sunday or Monday, we will update the next week's sheet with the current Point Spread for each game. You will then pass copies out to potential participants of your pool, having each participant try to correctly pick which team will "cover the spread". You can run this pool by having participants simply guess the winners straight up, but for most games this is just too easy.

To allow maximum time for participants to fill out and return their sheets, most weeks only have games that will be played on Saturday. There are a couple of instances where we included a Thursday or Friday game. The first date you see on the pick'em sheets will be the date the picks should be turned in by.

College/NFL Combination Pool

One of my favorite football pools is to take our NFL Pick'em Against the Spread Pool and couple it with this pool. The participants then pick 15 games(mixture of College and NFL games) of their choice against the spread and the remaining games would be picked straight up.

What is the Spread?

Beside each team's name you will see something like -6.5 or +6.5. The team that has the minus sign is favored by 6.5 points and the team with the plus sign is the underdog by 6.5 points. In this example, for a pick to be correct, the favorite must win by 7 or more points. We will always use half-point-spreads so that there will never be any pushes/ties. Keep in mind that if a person picks the underdog, that team does not have to win, but instead can not lose by more points than the point spread.


Alabama -6.5(Favorite) Auburn +6.5(underdog)
The participant picks Auburn at +6.5, Auburn can either win, or lose the game by up to 6 points and the pick is correct. If they were to lose by 7 or more the pick would be incorrect.

Filling out the Sheet

Each participant should put a check mark in the box provided, beside the team that they think will "cover the spread". For the tiebreaker we have picked a game each week that participants are to guess the total points scored in the game.. Be sure to let the participants know if the rule is "closest without going over" or just the "closest". I prefer the latter, reason being: If the total points scored were 65 and I guessed 66 and the other person guessed 10, why in the world should they be the winner? They were 55 points off and I was 1? Sorry if I sound like I'm venting, just one of my pet peeves!

Winning the Pool

Simply total up the number of games each person has picked correctly, the person with the highest total is the winner.

Don't forget to check out all of our Football Pools and also our new Football Square Generator, where you can create custom Football Squares with team logos, payout information and more!