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How to Play 01 Darts

Object of 01

The 01 dart games are amongst the most popular of dart games. The game starts with your score being either 301,401,501,601,701,801,901, ect.. The object is to be the first one to get their score to zero.

Playing 01

There are a couple different ways to start and finish the 01 games. You can play "Double In" or "Single In", to start the game. To play double in, the player throwing must hit a double before any points will be subtracted from their score, upon hitting the first double those points start the game for that player, and are subtracted from the starting score. To play single in, the player would just throw their 3 darts trying to get the highest score possible. You can also choose to finish the game with a "Double Out" or "Single Out".

Double Out

If you are playing double out the player must hit a double that takes their score to exactly zero, if you're playing single out the player must hit any number that takes their score to exactly zero. In both instances you must end with exactly zero, if you go below zero your score resets to what it was before you threw your 3 darts for that round. The most popular 01 game is the "Single In/ Double Out" Game.

Winning the game:

To win the game you simply need to aim for the highest numbers until you get down to a reachable "out". You should be aiming for the triple 20 at the beginning of the game. Once you get down below 180, you will adjusting your throwing to be able to end the game within that particular throw. Here is a free Printable Dart Out Chart that you can study to help understand what you need to throw at based on what your score is. If you're into dart tournaments use the Printable Dart Tournament Brackets to run the bracket.

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