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College Football Playoff System

How are the College Football Playoffs be set up?

The College Football playoff expanded to 12 teams beginning with the 2024-2025 season. The six highest ranked conference champions will receive automatic bids. The next six highest ranked teams will also make the playoffs. Teams will be seeded 1 through 12. The four highest ranked conference champions will be seeded 1 through 4, and receive byes in the first round. The tournament will be a single elimination, knockout style tournament. Directly below on the left side is our Printable College Football Playoff Bracket and to the right is our large 24" x 32" Football Square Grid which can be used for the bowl games or any game of the season!

Bowl Game Rotation

The quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship games will be rotating bowl games every year.

Below are the bowls that will be participating in the rotation:

Rose Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Orange Bowl

Cotton Bowl

Peach Bowl

Fiesta Bowl